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A stranger offers Steve a little help with his bladder shyness, only to cause much worse problems.


Running time: 12:54

Camera: Canon EOS C300

Aspect ratio: 16:9




I was working at an ad agency where the men's room had two urinals that were very close to each othernot allowing much privacy. So I had this idea of two men striking up a conversation there, and what if they enjoyed each other's pissing company so much that they decided, "we should piss together again some time." A bit later I came up with a more interesting way for this to come about: That the main character is pee shy, and that the stranger in the next urinal has a little "trick" for that.


* The restroom scenes were shot at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park, and is perhaps the only film to shoot at the renowned stadium exclusively for its restroom facilities.

* Peeing stunts in the film were done using plastic bladders slung around the actors’ necks, while the pee itself was made using a mixture of beer and lemonade.

* SPOILER: The film features a surprise cameo by what appears to be John Wayne, a part that was performed using two actors—one as the embodiment of Wayne and the other as voice—played respectively by actor Gregory Scott Bedford and stand-up legend Denny Johnston (as seen on The Tonight Show and David Letterman). Custom facial prosthetics for John Wayne were created by Margaret Caragan with Pandora FX, who can also be seen in Season 6 of the Syfy Network’s Face Off.

* For further advice on the production, writer/director Mike Lars White turned to friend and exec producer Barry Chattington, a former music video director for Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney.



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Mike Lars White began writing for TV commercials after winning an award for a coffee shop poster in Reno, Nevada. He then worked out of Warsaw, Poland—with his scripts translated into Polish—creating a series of internationally awarded TV and print ads for IKEA and a European mosquito repellent. Mike's essays and prose have appeared in Word Riot, Poor Mojo's Almanac(K), and Dark Sky Magazine, while his work in advertising has been recognized by the Clios, One Show, and Cannes advertising festivals. He has studied at the American Conservatory Theater, BATS Improv, and Upright Citizens Brigade, and has worked alongside such filmmakers as Pawel Edelman (The Pianist), Andrzej Fidyk (Defilada), and Nicola Pecorini (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas).

Mike is currently at work on his first feature film, and a television pilot.

For more go to www.mikelarswhite.com






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Gregeory Scott Bedford

Denny Johnston

Daniel Burt

Frankie G.

Raul Delarosa

Peter McKenna

Brad Gottesman

Mike Lars White

Ester Lie

Brendan McElligott

Ed Maramag

Dante Scott Raposa * Ray Medved *  James Roy Johnson  Sean M. McKenna * Greg White  Guillermo Gomez * Eric L. Merritt  Hans Meyer * David Blount-Porter * Mario Thurman * James West * Kenny Mac * Shanon Thiel * Marcus B. Pun * Brian Dalder * Marco Martinez * Tony Aldrich * Sophia Rivera * Shalee Fuller



Written and Directed by: Mike Lars White

Director of Photography: Eric Herron

Executive Producer: Barry Chattington

Wardrobe Department Head: Rachel Dagdagan

Special Effects Coordinator: Tony Aldrich

Assistant Camera: Nathan T. Parker


Sound Design: Isaac Olsen


Art Consultant: Shravan Hegdé

Colorist: Carey Burens

Make-up Artist: Maurisa Rondeau

Wardrobe Assistant: Jessica Davis Brome

Production Assistants: Abdel Eleish / Sophia Rivera

Marco Martinez / Donn Penning

Craft Service: Melissa Freeman

Previz Editor: Cyriac Thomas

Produced by: Tasha Espinoza

Edited by: Jon Felix

Key Make-up & SFX Make-Up Artist: Margaret Caragan

Production Designer: Katy Tiemann

Assistant Director: Harry Katz

Line Producer: Melissa Freeman

Gaffers: Chris B. Hebert

Craig Ryan / Josh Pausanos

Key Grip: Tim Erickson

Grips: Alex Aligo / Josh Pausanos

Eric Skowron / Robert Nelson

Camera Grip: Phill Gee

Sound Recordist: Kenneth Lewis

Script Advisors:

Brad Gottesman / Matt Nelsen / Valentina Curbelo

Special Effects Assistant: Antonio Peter Cortes

JW Audio: Mark Linford / Jody Scott


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